Abeer is a (R)evolution

  If you follow us since a while, you probably remember our perfume named Juwayriya which was a musk based perfume with beautiful variant notes of strawberry.
  But when after a few years one ingredient is no longer available for some reasons and we don’t find any equivalent, there is no choice excepted announcing the end of the perfume production. And this is what happened with Juwayriya in 2018 after 4 years and many positive reviews on Fragrantica and other independent websites.
At first sight, it looks sad, specially when we are talking about a best seller, something people still ask about…
  Rather I have seen that as an opportunity to do something better, more complex, even more unique. What a challenge!
  And I began to work hard, with passion and devotion on a similar strawberry scent concept, adding Caribbean honey and gourmand notes, keeping the sweet white musk signature, and this is how Abeer is born.
  Do not compare Juwayriya with Abeer! Juwayriya is now from the past, a part of our respectful History, when Abeer represents the future of our house, excepted if you want to evaluate our evolution.
  Abeer is a feminine name which means fragrance and we have offered it a place in our Romance (R)evolution collection because Abeer’s olfactory notes are definitely turning around the sweetness.
  And since we have launched this sweet fragrance suitable for ladies and gentlemen, it is a success. People really enjoy the evolution. If there is something I really love to hear, it is when someone tell me how my attars looks different than other brands.
  When almost all attars look same, we bring a revolution, because indeed we have made the musk game fashion, while keeping authenticity and tradition. And Abeer is a proof of that.

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