Our House

Back to the roots! Abdul Karim Al Faransi® - Maison de Parfum was founded in 1434(H) - 2013(CE) by the French perfumer Anthony Abdul Karim Marmin.

Specialising in oriental and Middle Eastern fragrances, the brand has been quickly distinguished by its quality offering of fine and rare agarwood oils (Oud), musks and ambers.

Perfume creations by Abdul Karim have emerged here adding originality to the quality and nowdays the brand is among the leaders of the Arabian ‘Niche’ market for those individuals who know and appreciate their perfumes. 

Abdul Karim Al Faransi takes the wearer on a journey through time and culture. Since the beginning, priority is placed on the quality of products rather than quantity, to create unique and evocative scents, using only the finest ingredients within the World. This Maison de Parfum is built upon the love and the know-how of the Muslim world and Arabia.

Inspired by the history of the world’s civilisations and cultures, this fascination is reflected in the names of their perfumes. Baghdad is inspired by Arab culture, Mukhallat At Tabari by Persian culture and Bosaso by Somalian culture, to give a few examples. Our History and heritage are sources of vast inspiration. Every nation and group has its own culture – a culture that opens the door to an almost infinite array of sensory combinations.

Abdul Karim Al Faransi – Maison de Parfum is an artisanal company, using rare and expensive ingredients to blend their fragrances in small batches. Their products are completely handcrafted.

Abdul Karim Al Faransi – Maison de Parfum is an ethical company, using recyclable packaging and bottles to reduce environmental impact.