Abyss takes your senses on a unique experience through the deep ocean. The delicate blend of woody and aquatic notes evokes the freshness and vitality of the ocean, which then reveals the depths of the abyss in a style that could both follow ladies and gentlemen.


Aquatic Notes
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Soraya - London

The most successful marine perfume I've ever smelt in my life.

The first reaction when I applied was a massive smile on my face; couldn't believe someone captured this feeling in a bottle.

It doesn't smell of see food or fish or any other smell like that but it almost sends wind in your face as you inhale the scent. It's light, refreshing, uplifting... gorgeous.

Holiday, happiness, lightness or heart in a bottle. Wonderful.

I can't comment on the longevity just yet as I've just applied but will update my review later.

The advantage with the house of Al Faransi is that you can buy a sample and then you can order the bigger bottle straight away.

This is not normally the type of fragrance I would go for because they're so gentle I'm never sure they match my personality but this one takes me on an amazing journey so yes,I'm wearing it!

Robert - Canada

Abyss makes me smile: finally an oceanic scent that is beautifully composed with quality ingredients. It reminds me of walking through a forest and approaching a beach. Agarwood is in the basenotes but is unobtrusive and delicate.

This is so different from the commercial scents which are rumored to smell of the ocean but wind up smelling like a chemical melon. I received a sample and have already ordered a larger bottle. Great work, Abdul Karim!

Rose M. - Greece

This is my favourite from the Al Faransi maison.I haven't found anything similar on the market.At first it gives a minty-fresh-aquatic impression (but nothing too strong).Then the algae and fern notes become more dominant.Lastly, there is something airy and soapy about this creation that make it so special.Don't imagine the beach or ocean in summer..it's a lot deeper and more complicated.i wish the perfume was stronger and i think it would be better if sea salt was added...but still it's a must