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The Amazon rainforest houses almost 390 billion trees and 16,000 different species and is the world's largest reservoir of biodiversity. This is our inspiration for Amazonia: a varied fragrance which flowers into a tropical rainforest. It has a rather masculine character.


Pink Lotus
Black Musk
Green Notes
Wild Plants

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Davide F. - Milano
Bitcoin Benji - The Best Country in the World, TEXAS
Off the bat you get the great black musk. You then find a mixture of the wild greenage and smokey agarwood that give off a very peppery root scent. On the tip there's a small floral (pink lotus) and soft wood (bamboo), but it's very hard to notice and dies quickly.

I love the wild, skanky and untamed side of scents the most, as of now, which the olfactory description of this accord describes. Yet, I personally expected more skanky and wild greenery, but it is mostly just peppery. Once it dries down you're left with only the black musk, which is very nice!
I believe if it is refined, it will be a great masculine accord that exudes a wild mysteriousness.