Amber ash-Sheikh

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Amber Ash-Sheikh is a pure vegetal amber prepared with different varieties of plants, flowers, rare asian herbs and a beautiful saffron for a deep and complex scent. Floral with a rich and intense style, it is indeed one of our strongest fragrances. Soothing and aphrodisiac, its style is clearly masculine and a bit similar with some strong oud oils.


Strong Ambery

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Joshua - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Wow, and oh my God is what I gotta say about this one! First, the oil in this attar is the thickest viscosity wise that I've ever seen. The viscosity is extremely heavy, and it strongly resembles the consistency of Karo corn syrup, in fact probably even more thick than that. It is so thick that it's almost sticky in nature, almost like a Labdanum Absolute which is almost a solid at room temperature, and also the color is virtually black. When you apply the oil to the skin even in the tiniest amount, you really have to work it in because it almost instantly congeals to the skin which means furthermore that the lasting power on this stuff is insane, days.

Now, I've experienced quite a bit in my time nose wise from the most beautiful to the most rank and this stuff right here, Amber Ash-Sheikh, is a true work of art. I'm completely blown away by this perfume house and especially of every single sample that I've tried which is almost everything (by the way, there is not one single attar from this house that I dislike, I like all of them, kinda shocked actually), this one takes the cake.

This smells EXACTLY, and I'm not exaggerating one iota, like freshly layed out and steam rolled, hot asphalt and road tar with all of the steam still rising from the asphalt itself, it is absolutely incredible, almost gag inducing it's so strong and overpowering. This perfume would have to be the manliest of the manly scents on this planet. This is continually sold out and apparently I had gotten lucky and was sent a sample for free because when I had placed my order, this was out of stock, but just a day later it was back in stock before my packaged had shipped so lucky me (thank you AKF!). I'll tell you that the sample I have will last for a really long time because you seriously only need a micro dot of Amber Ash-Sheikh. The name fits this attar perfectly too. It's 'ashy' and unabashedly smoky and smells exactly like fresh road tar. I can't even pick anything out of this the smell is so dense, heavy and compact until way into the far drydown, like 12+ hours where it's this stunning and black Oud accord. You really need to experience this attar, definitely a one-of-a-kind that's teetering on being unwearable. A sheer work of art.

I'm just beside myself with the quality of these perfumes. They're truly amazing and smell really, super nice. I'm highly recommending this perfume house!
Joshua - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Edit: So, after this had been on my skin for a good 6 hours, I had to shower for work which means that obviously I washed it off, well, all through the evening at work, I kept catching these amazing wafts of the drydown of Oud when it's in that pristine, deep woody scent that we're all continually chasing and good Lord did it smell amazing, all night! My point being is that this perfume is beyond handsome smelling well after the far drydown, it's just a pity that it takes so annoyingly long to get there, and if unwashed, this heavenly thick, tarry black aroma will last for days on your skin, the longest lasting attar that I've ever experienced. I wish that I could give this perfume an award because it's really a work of art, just amazing, you have no idea. This 'smell' is incredibly fascinating and is the blackest of the black. I will sign my truck title over to you as a 100% guarantee that you've 'never' smelled anything like this, ever! It is a giant wall of textured black 'thickness' that consumes your mucous membranes and sucks the air right out of you, but the totally awesome part is that you keep shoving your sniffer back in for more to try and decipher this mystery that's a black abyss. It makes Normal Kamalis's Incense look like H²O. I'm literally blown away by the complete overwhelming power Amber Ash-Sheikh has. What I'm trying to figure out is where did this perfumer find these materials, what are they and how is it that they are so freakin' strong?! I'm in love with this perfume and want to smell like this bad ass smell forever. Honest to God above, this entire line of perfumes is a masterpiece. Abdul Karim al Faransi is a genius. Every single perfume I've tried is amazing! As a reminder also, the power of this scent is astronomical, you have no clue. This is not in any way an 'apply a few drops here and there' kinda scent, no way. You seriously need to be really, super discreet with the application as Amber Ash-Sheikh is a beast on steroids for endless hours, it'll definitely beat up your senses if you're not careful. The key to this scent is in the application. I'm talking about a mini micro pin dot, only 1 little itty bitty drop rubbed directly just below your sternum, just above the small of your stomach in that little concave. After a while when your body warms the oil, it's overly strong sillage will scent your entire self just enough. Trust me please in the application, or you're going to reek in a bad way...
DfD - Milan
Elmo -
Comment is on the "new batch" (as described on the official site) - Very intense amber - Strong projection and lasting power - Evokes feelings of comfort and wellness - A very solid smell yet also elegant - Beautiful - Recommended