Dulcedinis Quartus

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Dulcedinis means sweetness in Latin, Quartus means the fourth. Dulcedinis Quartus is therefore the fourth version of this perfume; combining the powdered notes of white musk, the depth of aloe vera and the sweetness of other flowers to give you a rich and long lasting scent. This fragrance will suit for ladies and gentlemen.


Sweet soap
White Iris
Powdery notes

Aloe Vera

White Musk
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Khaled - Canada
Very clean, crisp, fresh smell. This has a very nice masculine touch.
Karim Al-Maghrebi - UK
This musk is a reformulation of an earlier AKAF production and is a bit like adding pure caramel to Imperial Desire white musk. Excellent projection with good longevity, quite often complemented for this due to it's unique sweetness. Somewhat more masculine, crisp and sweet. Very original, a definite must have.
Farangis - Oklahoma
It smells like a very luxurious soap. I can smell the iris. Very appealing by far one of my favorites from Al Faransi
Tariq - Philadelphia, Pa USA
Fresh. Robust. Attractive. This fragrance screams "look at me!" Definitely one of my favorite scents.
Mustafa - Elche