FBI: Fabulous Blend from India

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FBI or FABULOUS BLEND from INDIA. Indeed it is a Oud Al Amber, made with classic ingredients in arabian perfumery such as Oud and amber. Strong and dark but not harsh, this unique scent is a rather masculine fragrance.


Pleasant Oceanic Ambergris
Dry Fruits
Milk Chocolate
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Elmo - Hong Kong
This one is becoming one of my favorites - Dark and smokey with some sweetness - Strong - Projects and lasts really long - And the value-for-money is out-of-this-world - Only possible downside is that many females may think this is tilted a little on the masculine side - Highly recommended
DfD - Milan-Italy
Alex - Dublin, Ireland
I have ordered several samples. Among all, this one is the thickest attar and probably lasts the longest. I have smelled pure oud oil and pure ambergris extract and separately, they seemed sweeter to my nose. When mixed together in this attar, the result is not sweet at all. It doesn't smell like any designer fragrance I've smelled in shops. The smell is deep and dark, somewhat resinous, very manly. The closest thing that comes to mind would be old furniture, old leather bound books, old wooden box + leather. Very unique scentt in my collection.
Eleni - Arizona
Fabulous Blend of India is SO true. This scent is sensually resinous, very
warm on your skin. Wonderful Oud mixture leaving a trail of sweet dark
Resins as you walk by ...this is my Favorite from Abdul KarimAl Faransi~