Habibati means "my beloved" in Arabic. The scent of this mysterious and sensual fragrance evokes passion and romanticism. Its style split between floral and sweet notes has become over time a must in the Al Faransi house. It has a relatively feminine olfactory temperament that will suit both these ladies and gentlemen.

Sweet Vanilla
Taif Rose
Marine Iris
Various Floral Notes

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Muhammad Abdul Rasheed - Barcelona, Spain

A Sweet and fruity scent with floral notes.

A unisex scent,

but according to my experience leaning more towards the feminine side as i personally enjoy more musculinue scents.

Could also be worn by men especially those who like sweet fragrances.

However, I'll have to be honest here,

I personally like and enjoy more musculine perfumes,

Especially oud ,amber and tobacco based fragrance and only for that reason I'm giving it a 4 out of 5.

Otherwise it's a great value quality fragrance with it's unique characteristics.

Khaled - Canada

Sweet and fruity, with a touch of floral. Could definitely be worn by men especially those who like sweet fragrances.

Anne Brennan - Ireland

This is so cheerful, fresh and light, lovely for summer evenings and perfect for the office. It's breezy and sweet, but not sickly or cloying, it makes me feel young!