IAM: Imperial Asiatic Musk

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An asiatic scent must be imperial. IAM or Imperial Asiatic Musk impresses with a musk based composition. The depth of this perfume offers a sensory journey to the past of glorious empires from Asia. A warm and oriental style suitable for ladies and gentlemen.


White Musk
A touch of sweet flowers
Imperial Rose
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Kevan - United States
I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars for this one, but I'll lean toward 5 because it's such a complex scent and very enjoyable (and also reminds me of a popular and much more expensive French perfume). Of the musks I've used from AKAF, this is the most overtly masculine so far. A deep, woody musk that reminds one of rainforests and resins. Why do I put those two together? Because that's the impression I get -- damp aromatic woods mixed with resins, flowers, and a touch of musk. And you can easily pick out some of the notes here. AKAF's fondness for honey is evident, as is mint, which adds a touch of freshness on the top. The sandalwood note is also evident, but it isn't as deep and buttery as in Islamabad, for instance, and it reminded me of some cheaper perfume oils I've smelled, which worried me. But what separates Imperial Asiatic Musk from those is how well it's blended. This is glorious on the skin after it opens up. The floral notes mix with the wood in the heart, and a bit of amber smooths everything out. Any harsh edges of the perfume are eliminated, and it becomes a beautiful, fresh, woody scent that probably everyone will enjoy. While women can certainly wear this, I believe men in particular will appreciate it most. It's also rather projecting, so only a little is needed.
Muhammad Abdul Rasheed - Barcelona, Spain
Imperial Asiatic Musk by AKAF is a really well blended fragrance.
It's glorious on the skin after it opens up.
The floral notes are mixed with the wood in the heart quite nicely, and a bit of amber smooths everything out, perfectly.
It is a fresh, woody and uplifting scent and I believe, both men and women can wear this.
Projection and sillage is great.