Understanding the history of a people and a nation to take you on a journey through its history and culture ...In Urdu, Pakistan means "land of the pure"; a country that wished to honour its religion by giving its capital the name Islamabad which means "the city of Islam". Honour and pride transmitted through noble notes of sandalwood and agarwood. A force of character that is conveyed through wild but sweet floral notes. Islamabad takes you on an incomparable olfactory journey in a style that will suit both ladies and gentlemen.


Osmanthus flowers from Himalaya
Bouquet of wild Flowers from Pakistan
Wild patchouli
Agarwood from Cambodia
Premium Quality Sandalwood from Asia
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Emanuele - Roma - Italy
Fragranza meravigliosa nel classico stile Mediorientale Lo adoro, e' meraviglioso Grazie infinite Anthony
Davide F. - Milano
Progressione sottile e fantastica.
Robert - Canada
To my mind, Islamabad is a regal and austere combination of agarwood, sandalwood and patchouli. This is the scent I imagine a sultan or a sheik would wear. Extremely long lasting, there is no question about the quality of the ingredients used in this wonderful attar.
N Keshwani - Atlanta, USA
Very rich and long-lasting. Lasted on me all day. Highly recommended.
Kevan - United States
Astounding, simply astounding. One of the best sandalwood colognes I've ever smelled. Warm, buttery, slightly spicy, slightly floral. Honestly, if this was from a "big name", this would be upwards of $300. From the notes, I was expecting something a bit different, but this is sandalwood shining through and through. An absolutely wonderful, regal aroma. Long-lasting, and moderately projecting. As a westerner, when you hear "Arabian perfume," you dream of something like this. Pure luxury.