Istanbul is a noble fragrance where saffron and rose are the main stars. Quite pronounced and floral, friendly to wear, its beauty lies in the harmonious interplay of rose, amber, musk and saffron. This elegant and powerful perfume is suited to both ladies and gentlemen.


White Rose
Turkish rose
Elegant rose 
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Zohair Merchant - Katy, Texas USA 🇺🇸

I love and I mean truly love and appreciate the fact that this is the way a genuine Turkish Rose does smell. Many Companies and even designers claim to have this same smell, but the subtle sharpness slowly will make one appreciate AKAF and his sincerity in him letting us enjoy this Masterpiece, look no further if you want the real Turkish 🌹

Hassam Ghazi - Pakistan

This fragrance is stunning and has authentic note of saffron supported by rose. Its opening reminds me of a "Hakeem's Majoun". Its very refreshing and not too stong. For quality and price AKAF fragrances are matchless.

Thanks brother. May Allah bless you!!!

mohamed badawe - Egypt

I love it

Matteo - Italy

Another great attar by Al Faransi. A blast of beautiful rose and saffron, very middle-eastern. I can detect peach too. Long lasting and good projection. To my nose it is similar to Rasasi Oud Al Mubakhar but more natural and refined. Very well done. Pure class!

Kevan - United States

In my opinion, this is the best of the classic floral Oriental perfumes offered by AKAF. Floral, really spicy, and friendlier to wear than a few of the others. The notes are balanced really well here. There's nothing really dominant, and you don't feel like there's a bouquet of roses on your skin. This one is effortlessly unisex, and all about the rose and saffron mix. Amber adds a bit of sweetness as an anchor. This is a really addictive scent that just gets better the longer you wear it. Very stylish.

Inanc - Germany

first applied and tested in my car it smelled really nice. A really nice rose saffron perfume of great quality. But after I left my car outside in the cold the perfume offered itself as a real majestic masterpiece to my nose. I Like it!!

Gilberto @canemalto Di Virgilio - Italia

Questo profumiere sa il fatto suo.

Prodotti davvero unici. Possiedo 5 flaconi da 3ml l'uno e posso dire di non aver mai provato nulla di simile prima d'ora!

Non è facile trovare qualcuno che propone la QUALITÀ anzichè la QUANTITÀ. E Anthony Abdul Karim Al Faransi, vi posso garantire, che non scherza affatto.

Le consistenze sono assolutamente oleose (alcune più, alcune meno), dense, ricche di odori nuovi che prendono in pieno lo stile orientale che Anthony mira ad evocare.

ISTANBUL è una di quelle fragranze che lasciano a bocca aperta, che fanno tirare un sospiro di beatitudine ogni volta che si viene investiti dalla sua scia ed aura enorme. È un gradevolissimo tripudio di rose, non le solite trite e ritrite, ma rose orientali. Velatamente gourmand, inebria i sensi con l'essenza di zafferano. Ne basta veramente un tocco per avere questo profumo addosso per due giorni consecutivi. Io ne applico un pochetto sulla barba, e la sensazione è magica.

Penso proprio che tornerò ad acquistare nuovamente, bisogna assolutamente provarli tutti!

Saud Akmal - Pakistan

A Masterpiece by AKAF Brother, really it stays foe almost 36 hours on cloths, Beautiful support of Rose and other ingredients to Saffron, this is an incredible attar which fill-up whole of my house whenever i apply this, sadly AKAF have no presence in my country and i have to purchase through my friend living in London

Robert - Canada

An amazing mixture of saffron and rose. This

combination is seen in many fragrances from the Middle East but what makes Istanbul unique is the quality of the ingredients. This is a real beauty but needs discretion with application; a little goes a long way. And the price makes this a fantastic bargain.

Tamara - Sevilla (Spain)

This is other beautyful creation from AKAF. The saffron with rose. Don' t feel the peach notes. But this beautiful saffron with this beautyful rose are just perfect, so beautyful! (I know I say beautyful all the time rewieving this one, but this is BEAUTYFUL, it' s true!). High quality and the best price. Feel it unisex, suitable for women and men who love the rose notes with saffron. Good job, AKAF!!

Nikhil S - India

Absolutely stunning. This is all about a high quality saffron. Spicy stingy my god what a creation. Rose supports the saffrom extremely. An elegant powerful masculine perfume. And the price is basically nothing. God bless you Abdul Karim Sahab. Genius. Many a souls will benefit from these authentic creations.

Elmo - Hong Kong

Elegant rose - Feels very unisex - Lovely and calming - Soft projection - Cannot imagine anyone not liking this - Also incredible value for money - Highly recommended