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Istanbul is a noble fragrance composed of a pure rose base from Turkey. Its beauty lies in the harmonious interplay of rose, amber, musk and saffron. Its unique and exceptional scent is quite pronounced and floral. Its style is suited to both ladies and gentlemen.

White Rose
Turkish Rose

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Elmo - Hong Kong
Elegant rose - Feels very unisex - Lovely and calming - Soft projection - Cannot imagine anyone not liking this - Also incredible value for money - Highly recommended
Nikhil S - India
Absolutely stunning. This is all about a high quality saffron. Spicy stingy my god what a creation. Rose supports the saffrom extremely. An elegant powerful masculine perfume. And the price is basically nothing. God bless you Abdul Karim Sahab. Genius. Many a souls will benefit from these authentic creations.
Tamara - Sevilla (Spain)
This is other beautyful creation from AKAF. The saffron with rose. Don' t feel the peach notes. But this beautiful saffron with this beautyful rose are just perfect, so beautyful! (I know I say beautyful all the time rewieving this one, but this is BEAUTYFUL, it' s true!). High quality and the best price. Feel it unisex, suitable for women and men who love the rose notes with saffron. Good job, AKAF!!
Robert - Canada
An amazing mixture of saffron and rose. This
combination is seen in many fragrances from the Middle East but what makes Istanbul unique is the quality of the ingredients. This is a real beauty but needs discretion with application; a little goes a long way. And the price makes this a fantastic bargain.