The green and woody notes of Jakarta take you on a journey to the heart of Indonesia. Its raw and powerful character is softened by a floral touch. Jakarta is a concentrate of freshness and poise for a rather masculine style.


Fresh vetiver
Wild rose
Deep Vetiver from Jakarta
Sweet Amber
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James - UK

Every time I wear this I am complimented on the beautiful scent of roses. There is also a much deeper and smoother green woody freshness that lasts for hours and sits at the base, but that initial hit for an hour and more after the first application, is that rich and slightly incense like rose. The journey through to the dry down is totally rewarding. This is perfectly suitable for male and female to wear, and in my opinion is perfect for any casual or special occasion.

A delightfully alluring scent of nature.

Thank you

Elmo -

Description says this is "masculine" - But I think it is neutral or slightly tilts "feminine" (do not really believe in this broad distinction anyway) - This one is really lovely and elegant - Intricate with a "higher pitch" - I am comparing it with "Baghdad" - "Baghdad" to me is a more "solid" and dense rose (and to me more masculine) - Both are good quality - Both highly recommended