Juzur Al Qamar

Comoros derives the name from the arabic word 'Qamar' meaning the 'moon'. The islands of Comoros are known in arabic as 'Juzur Al Qamar' which means 'Islands of the moon'. This fragrance is a tribute and a sensorial journey to this beautiful nation with a scent suitable for ladies and gentlemen.


Sweet jasmine
Orange flower
White musk
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Govert - The Netherlands

The Asian tropics in a bottle

I bought this for my wife and the absolutely adores is. It reminds us of the tropical beaches when we lived in Thailand. A lovely (not overpowering) sweet tropical scent of flowers and coconut. great job!

Usman Ahmad - Indiana, USA

Very light and sweet elegant smell . I like the ingredients like coconut , orange and white musk. Such a beautifully combination and got a lot of compliments mostly on this oil. I ordered 2 times and gonna order again

Yasmin - Vienna

I love the beautiful describition of this perfume and what I love even more is the fact that it smells excactly like that! Like a hot summer night, taking a midnight-walk on a lonely beach under the clear moonlight... It smells fresh, clean, tropic, and soft like white flowers mixed with white musk and coconut... Very extraordinary fragrance!

Robert - Canada

Not being a fan of coconut in fragrance, I was very surprised at the complexity and verve of this scent. The exotic flowers and vanilla - and coconut - paint a beautiful picture of a tropical paradise. In Canada we are entering the cold seasons and this fragrance makes a wonderful antidote. Again, long lasting and very well composed

Marko - Wien

Perfection !