Luban from Somalia (Frankincense)

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Luban is the arabic name of frankincense which is an aromatic resin used as an incense. We burn it by putting it onto an hot coal in an incense burner to perfume home and clothing. Burning a piece of luban is a relaxing experience.

Luban from Somalia is like a diamond: rare, precious and luxurious. Somali luban is coming from Puntland in Somalia. The name « Puntland » is derived from the Land of Punt mentioned by ancient Egyptian sources. It was an Egyptian trading partner known for fine aromatic resins. Its olfactory profile is strong, clean, woody, Ambery and spicy.

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haroon - bradford, west yorkshire
I found it to be very top grade, and amazing quality just as described. I hope I can buy some more soon. thank you
Mustafa - Elche