Massilia was the ancient name of Marseille, a sunny city in the south of France. Massilia is a sensory journey that begins in Provence and ends in the Arab world. This fragrance which is both sweet and fruity, will suit for ladies and gentlemen.


Fruit Cocktail
White Musk

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Nikhils Frags - India
Sweet mixed fruit vanilla sweet musk combo. Lovely. Very rich and appealing. Purely unisex and gorgeous.
DfD - Milan-Italy
Farangis - Oklahoma
Super musky at first abd then the minty freshness and lavender hits you. Sheikh Al Farancis perfumes are magical. They change the scent. Each note portrays itself as you wear it. Very unique perfumer. Lavender smells pure and relaxing. Very feminine
Abuu Sireen - London
This is a nice, sweet musk. It opens up with lavender then settles down with a sweet base. It isn't going to blow you away but it is nice. Definitely something easy to wear. Thank you and JazaakAllaahu khayran for the free gift also. May Allaah bless your business. I'll be back for Shaykh Al-Faransi next inshaaAllaah which i give 5 stars.