Mediterranean Musk


Mediterranean Musk is inspired by the World’s perfume capital Grasse located in the south of France where you can appreciate the very pleasant Mediterranean climate. But sometimes you can also be confronted to the strength of the Mistral, a strong wind. Mediterranean Musk offers beautiful notes of lavender, lemon and orange blossom around a powerful base of black musk. This perfume is suitable for ladies and gentlemen who love powerful scents.



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Hassam Ghazi - Pakistan

A French Classic

Mediterranean musk is a strong perfume. To my nose it is Levander musk amber and slightly sweet.

Levander is classical and gives old school vibe to it. It reminds me of an aftershave that my father used when I was a child. Lasts for several days and sillage is good. Overall a nice and mature scent...

Michał - Poland

I got a free sample of this beauty with my last order. Though not really my cup of tea - I am normally more into more heavyweight oriental scents - I simply must admit that it s absolutely beautiful.

To me, it pretty much resembles some old school gentlemen's cologne, though served in the traditionally oriental form of oil. The fragrance starts off with a strong blast of green, herbaceous and resinous notes which soon settle into a sweetish powdery base. In my perception it is a manly scent par excellence, though not an 'alpha male style', aggressive one. I find it very elegant and calming, more suitable for the mature and confident man than for a youngster.