Mukhallat Badawi


When you look at the World with a bedouin vision, you will see many treasures that the common man never sees…When you cross the desert to find the finest myrrh from Oman , you will appreciate a break under a palm tree. When you bring the most precious spices and agarwood from various parts of Asia to the Middle East, you will know their rarity and their value…Mukhallat Badawi is a pleasant sensory journey with a camel caravan full of precious scents. It has a rather masculine style


Mukhallat means blend and Badawi means Bedouin.


​​​​​​​Tobacco Absolute
Patchouli from Indonesia
Saffron from Persia
Dry Fruits
Palm Tree Trunk
Myrrh from Oman
Oud from Cambodia


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Alexandro suazo -

Packs a punch but only in the first round

this reviews to replace the review I did earlier as I feel that it may not have came across the proper way:

When brother Abdul Karim was saying in his video about this perfume that it packs a punch and that it's strong I was expecting something more of a musk agerWood type of smell, even somewhat anamalic my hopes were, but the smell is not quite up to that level which I was expecting it's missing something and I was hoping for more, it's base not that carries the rest of the load is fair and can be accompanied with some nice rose....Otherwise I have to say I really love a lot of your perfumes that you produce and I hope you make more good ones in the future as you already are thank you for everything you've done so far! 🌹✊🏼