Mukhallat Bushi Sensei

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Mukhallat Bushi Sensei,
The blend of the warrior master,
might be powerful, defeating the enemy,
and also balanced with relaxing notes.
Imagine you're walking in Kyoto gardens
full of amazing flowers,
also seeing and smelling beautiful Bonsai trees,
Mukhallat Bushi Sensei has an elegant, light touch.
Discernible sweetness,
the scent is impossible to ignore,
with its base of agarwood,
decorated with black tea and a hint of aloe vera.

This fragrance is suitable for ladies and gentlemen.


Black Tea
Japan Flowers

Aloe Vera

Agarwood from Cambodia
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Elmo - Hong Kong
Now this one is unusual - Elegant llight touch with discernible sweetness - Wife likes it (and she tends to stay away from Arabic perfumes) - Slightly feminine for those who like a lighter touch - And again incredible value
Ansar - San Francisco
Sweet stay all day very good quality attar
Ansar - San Francisco
Sweet stay all day very good quality attar
Karim Al Maghrebi - London, UK
Mukhallat Bushi Sensei is AKAF's offering of a Japanese Oud mix and it works amazingly well.

It is like walking in Kyoto gardens full of Cambodian agarwood trees. Sweet and flowery scents with a lovely Cambodian oud undertone.

Yet again a truly unique mix by AKAF, highly recommended, every person I've shared this scent with has asked me what it is - showing its unique nature.