Mukhallat di Corleone

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Here is a perfume you can't refuse..Mukhallat di Corleone (Blend of Corleone) is a perfume of style and character, whose scents wander from the Orient to Sicily. Corleone is in fact a small, sun-drenched town in Sicily. Mukhallat di Corleone will complete your outfit for the day with a touch of olfactory class, with its rather masculine style. 


Citrus from Sicily

Fresh herbs from Corleone
Orange from Palermo
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Mohamed - Qatar
This Perfume is something i never smell before. Really Good Smell..:..:.
Karim Al Maghrebi - London, UK
Mukhallat Di Corleone is a one of a kind mix in the perfume world.

It is unlike anything I've smelt, a mellow undertone of Oud is overpowered by strong top notes of the finest espresso beans and hints of lemon. It may sound odd but the scent is fantastic.

5 stars for originality, creativity and the scent itself. Would love to see an improved version of this with increased longevity as I find myself topping up often and already having finished my 1/4 tola !
Jason - Birmingham
This is a beautiful scent that sends your Senses into overdrive. First you are surrounded by beautiful oranges closely followed by a gentle coffee scent. On me this lasts around 3 hours then sits close to the skin with faint woods coming in last taking it to 4 hours max on me. TBH at this price I don't mind re applying every 3 hours. Fantastic scent that does not disappoint. If a follow up is due then longer lasting is a must as it smells that good.
Leah - San Francisco
This is absolutely gorgeous! It is unlike any other I have experienced. It starts with a beautiful, sweet lemon-candy-like opening and has hints of espresso wafting throughout. To me, the agarwood is subtle and remains in the background but complements the espresso. I agree with the other reviewers; if the longevity was increased it would be even better!