Mukhallat di Corleone

Here is a perfume you can't refuse..Mukhallat di Corleone (Blend of Corleone) is a perfume of style and character, whose scents wander from the Orient to Sicily. Corleone is in fact a small, sun-drenched town in Sicily. Mukhallat di Corleone will complete your outfit for the day with a touch of olfactory class, with its rather masculine style. 


Citrus from Sicily

Fresh herbs from Corleone
Orange from Palermo
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Mohamed - Qatar
This Perfume is something i never smell before. Really Good Smell..:..:.
Karim Al Maghrebi - London, UK
Mukhallat Di Corleone is a one of a kind mix in the perfume world. It is unlike anything I've smelt, a mellow undertone of Oud is overpowered by strong top notes of the finest espresso beans and hints of lemon. It may sound odd but the scent is fantastic. 5 stars for originality, creativity and the scent itself. Would love to see an improved version of this with increased longevity as I find myself topping up often and already having finished my 1/4 tola !
Jason - Birmingham
This is a beautiful scent that sends your Senses into overdrive. First you are surrounded by beautiful oranges closely followed by a gentle coffee scent. On me this lasts around 3 hours then sits close to the skin with faint woods coming in last taking it to 4 hours max on me. TBH at this price I don't mind re applying every 3 hours. Fantastic scent that does not disappoint. If a follow up is due then longer lasting is a must as it smells that good.
Leah - San Francisco
This is absolutely gorgeous! It is unlike any other I have experienced. It starts with a beautiful, sweet lemon-candy-like opening and has hints of espresso wafting throughout. To me, the agarwood is subtle and remains in the background but complements the espresso. I agree with the other reviewers; if the longevity was increased it would be even better!
gufran pathan - India
A mesmerising fragrance . a true masterpiece from AKAF ..this is by far the best Mukhallat in my collection. .
Alex - Dublin, Ireland
I have ordered several samples and among all, this is the most original and unexpected scent. To me, the opening smells like the best biscuits I remember from my childhood. Biscuits with grated orange peel. After about 15 minutes, the baked biscuits note is less prominent and orange peel takes the stage. It smells delicious, very edible. A gourmand scent. Like others mentioned, it's quite short lived.