Musk Tahara Yemeni

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When the mildness of white musk encounters the splendour of Yemen, the world of perfume takes on a whole new dimension. A style that will take you from Socotra right to Hadramawt with a moderate sillage that will suit both ladies and gentlemen. 


Honey from Hadramawt
Hint of Fruits

Flowers from Socotra
White Musk
Powdery notes
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Abdullah Almani -
Very very good quality Mashallah

Jazzakallahu khayran
Robert - Canada
This is a very strange and delicious mixture - like nothing I have smelled before. Long lasting and fairly strong, the musk supports the wonderful notes which are - I presume - honey and "flowers from Socotra." Whatever it is, it is haunting and "foreign" in the best way possible. Another exceptional scent!
Khaled - Canada
Beautiful mixture of the white creamy musk and honey. Very beautiful scent and it doesn’t have any artificial smell at all - pure authentic honey fragrance. Lasts very long on skin and if it happens to rub onto your shirt its not coming off for at least a few days.
Hamid - London
I had a chance to sample this one while visiting the shop in Birmingham. The white musk that Abdul Karim uses for many of his bases is of excellent quality, but what makes this one different is the honey note. I have sampled so many designer and niche perfumes that have honey in their notes breakdown, but many of them don't deliver. On the other hand, this attar from AKAF captures the notes of honey like no other, it's so unique.