Oud Al Fares

The meaning of Oud Al Fares is Oud of the horseman. It is a majestic fragrance with multiple sensory facets. This perfume easily lets us imagine the strength of the knights of yesteryear striking sparks from the shock of their horses' hooves and raising dust at the centre of the melee. Its woody base is relatively softened by notes of bergamot and tangerine, while maintaining a wild side with Moyale's wild tree bark. It will suit both ladies and gentlemen.


Wild vanilla
Moyale wild wood bark
Aoud - Agarwood from Cambodia
Aoud - Agarwood from Indonesia
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waqqas - india


very sweet scent and stays for a long time

Penny - Bristol

I absolutely adore Oud al Fares, I am no perfume expert but I find that this perfume stays around for a long time, it has a deep, warm rose like scent that delights me every time I smell it. It doesn't fade quickly but it is not overpowering either. I would say it is a heavy scent but that makes it sound overpowering which it isn't. Perhaps heady would be a better description? It is like walking into a rose garden in the evening but with a wondefful depth to the scent rather than just a light flowery scent.

I never really bothered with perfume until I discovered Al Faransi perfume oils, I found most Western perfumes to be rather unpleasant, since discovering Al Faransi I now have quite a collection and Oud al Fares is my absolute favourite. I have had to order more because I never want to run out of this!

Kevan - United States

Another winner from AKAF. Probably one of the friendliest, most-approachable, wearable ouds I've encountered. If you're a fan of oud, you'll like this. If you're not sure and you just want to try oud, you'll like this. Strong without being overwhelming, it is woody, fruity, smoky, and sweet. Not skanky at all. It has the best characteristics of oud, while the harsh edges have been softened by the fruity sweetness. As always with AKAF perfumes, it is well blended, with a very pleasant drydown. I really can't imagine anyone disliking this. Subtle projection and good longevity. A nice, regal aroma.