Oud Hindi

Oud Hindi is a must in oriental perfumery. This thick agarwood oil starts with pronounced animalic and dark accords to offer a typical experience of great classic indian oudh. After two hours, a distinguished strenght replaces the wild one with earthy, leathery and honey notes around a new sweeter woody facet. Oud Hindi is a delight for fans and conoisseurs and its affordability is an easy access to the strong side of the dehn al oudh world. It has a clearly masculine style.


Animalic indian oud
Dark woody
Wild honey
Dry Plum
Old wood
Sweet woody
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Waqas ahmad - Lahore

I like it.

This is pure Indian oud. But there is a sweet note in it as well. So an attar which is sweet yet strong. Abdul Karim is an expert.

mohamed badawe - Egypt

very very good quality , Good job

يوسف - Germany

Wow amazing this is a masculine fragrance to begin very strong and later Sweet like Honey and leathery MashaAllah

Justin - United States, NC
Muhsin - Uk

Very strong and leathery at first with hints of balmy oud resin and dries down to a sweet Indian oud close to the skin. Long lasting very masculine owing to the leathery opening. Almost chose 5stars but smell is so subjective and I prefer more balmy resiny ouds. Also layers well with 80s designer perfumes.

Hammad - United Kingdom

Amazing, very strong and long lasting

DfD - Milan-Italy


Elmo - Hong Kong

What fine quality and incredible value - Dark smoky and complex - And it really lasts - Alas when I came back to buy a full bottle all out-of-stock

Faisal - Watford/London

Personally I loved this oud Hindi, good quality and lovely presentaion. More than a match for Arabian Oud oils pound for pound. 4 stars because I love stronger oud but this is gorgeous.

Jordan - England

very dark and smoke, like fresh black coffee.