Oud Maluku

Oud Maluku gives a real experience of what Indonesian oudh is. Indeed this kind of oud oil is very different than oud from Cambodia or from India. It is a combination of fresh woody and green notes with a touch of orangy sweetness. Maluku is an Indonesian archipelago, south-east of the island of Borneo. Its name derives from the Arabic "Jazirat Al Muluk" meaning island of kings. After a while it becomes softer and it can be worn with ease as an everyday fragrance. It has a subtle masculine style.


Wet wood
Fresh green notes
Hint of orange
Burned wood​​​​​​​
Aoud - Indonesian agarwood

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Hamayoon Khan - London
This is exactly what a pure Indonesian Oud is like. High quality, fresh, little sharp and fresh a touch of spicy but not harsh. After an hour gets very soft, a bit sweet and very earthy woody. You can easily wear it to office. Similar like zegna Indonesian Oud but this one is more woody, fresh and lighter. Very long lasting. Keep up the great work AKAF.
DfD - milan
Davide F. - milan
Asceem - USA
fresh woody and a bit orangy...love it
Karan - Milton Keynes
This one is awesome. I would recommend this to anyone who has never tried attars before and is more used to the western perfumery.