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​​​​​​​The Maison invites you to a sensory journey through time and cultures. Niche perfumery is a state of mind. Its perfumes circumvent the laws imposed by marketing and fall outside of the traditional commercial channels. Consequently, so-called niche or alternative fragrances are not developed based on a marketing study conducted by the majority of commercial brands, but originate from the imagination and artistic sensibility of a person. For their creations, perfumers use the best raw materials and are not subject to the constraints of manufacturing cost or time. The most important element is the final olfactory result.

​​​​​​​Totally independent, the Maison was built around the love of the Arab-Muslim World.

Inspired by the History of Civilisations and World Cultures, this fascination is reflected in the names of the perfumes. Mukhallat Badawi is inspired by Arab culture, Mukhallat At Tabari by Persian culture and Bosaso by Somali culture, to give a few examples. Our history and heritage are sources of vast inspiration. Every nation and tribe has its own culture - which opens the door to an almost infinite range of sensory combinations.


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