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The Prophet Muhammad صلّى الله عليه و سلّم said: "The example of the pious companion and the bad companion is like that of the seller of musk and the blacksmith. For the musk seller, either he'll give you some, or you'll buy some from him, or you'll get an agreeable whiff from him. And for the blacksmith, either he'll burn your robe or you'll get a bad smell from him." [Bukhari, Muslim]

Thinking about the future makes it possible to anticipate, to look at the past makes it possible not to forget, to live in the present makes it possible to live in peace with oneself. To be proud of who you are, without forgetting where you come from. The important thing is not to try to please the larger world but to be authentic.

The identity of the Maison is at the image of its perfumer, its roots are Western, its style is pointing towards the East. Its logo is the result, with its own distinct style. So, the Arab culture is honoured by swords forming an A and a F, meaning Al Faransi (the frenchman), but also to honour the two founders: A for Anthony and F for Farhiya.

The sword is a vital symbol of Arab culture, which is why it was chosen. You find it among other things on the flag of Saudi Arabia or on the emblem of the country.

A very strong symbol in Arab culture, it is also used in the sword dance, a Bedouin tradition.


The Maison is a Perfume House specialising in Oriental and Middle Eastern fragrances that prides its attachment to a culture that has brought so much wealth to the World, be it in art, algebra, astronomy, medicine, cartography, ...

But, far from forgetting its roots,  the logo is also a wink to a symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower.