Royal Orchid

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Royal Orchid is a dark floral perfume. This rich and sensual scent is very complex and gives a unique combination of orchid and oud. This luxury scent is suitable for ladies and gentlemen.



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EJ Lee - Tennessee, USA

Quick impression

Because this is a limited run fragrance, I wanted to give everyone hesitant about trying this some more info to go by. If you are wondering...YES, this is very similar to Tom Ford's Black Orchid. I did go to Nordstroms in Nashville last week to test out another comparison, and while I was there I did sample(on paper) Black Orchid, and was shocked at how similar they were. Now, I was not wearing Royal Orchid, so it was not a side by side comparison, but I have been wearing it in rotation to see which of the samples I ordered were going to be contenders for purchase. This was/is one of the "Ok, yeah, I want more" picks, but I do want to wear a fragrance many times in order to get a good idea about it. This is my first review on here, so unsure if I can edit, or if I have to make a whole new one once posted, so going to give you my very basic thoughts now, and hopefully I will be able to revise it. Tested in September in the southern USA, so HOT and HUMID....aka...the worst time to be wearing this type of With that out of the does it wear....Very well, though I can tell that it would perform better in the coller weather. Compared to the other attars I am trying, it does have a lower longevity, but that is to be expected. I cant really compare the performance with Black Orchid or how close it comes to the experience when wearing...will be doing that when I can though. I can say that I like the idea of a pure(no aroma chemicals or alchohol) oil instead of some chemical concoction, but that is why most of us are here anyway. So, if you are looking for something more natural but comparable to Black Orchid, then you are very lucky to have found this at the right time. The only thing I did not like was that it lasted about half the time(4 good hours, but then is still in the 90s here, so shorter fragrance life is expected. I will give a more detailed experience once I have been able to wear it more and have been able to both wear it in cooler weather and head to head with Black Orchid. Hope this helps...