Royal White Musk

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Royal White Musk is an authentic and quality version of the famous white musk called "Tahara". Its thick and creamy texture accompanies a soft and hypnotic fragrance. Adorned with notes of soft vanilla, honey, and white lotus, this fragrance is very addictive. Very popular in the Middle East amongst the gentlemen and the ladies, it is still very much appreciated by the latter, all over the world for its use during purification, hence its nickname "musk Tahara". 


Taif rose
White lotus
Vanilla flowers

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Anne Brennan - Ireland
This is absolutely gorgeous. Really really fabulous, I apply it and am wrapped in the most delicious balm that exudes and lasts on my skin for at least 12 hours. Thank you AKAF
Soraya - London
Totally divine.
It's the most expensive musk of this house but completely worth it.
The smell dried down to an elegant and comforting aroma. I love the taif rose and it's very strong and prominent on the top note, gradually reducing in strength to leave other notes to join in this magnificent blend.
I find this smell really uplifting and can't recommend it enough.
Khaled - Canada
The quality of this product is unbelievable. Very strong, excellent projection. A beautiful floral scent which is a bomb of taif rose. Worth every dollar spent on it. This is definitely a beautiful unisex smell, but is probably a little bit more on the feminine side. This is 11 out of 10 for quality!
Roxana - Tenby
Royal White Musk smells amazing!!! The fragrance is sooo clean, flowery and pure, it’ s like walking through a garden with thousands and thousands of white flowers. With just a tiny drop of this pure elixir you get to have this powerful aroma with you for ages! I highly recommend it!
Farangis Rajabi - Oklahoma
Very soft feminin floral beautiful musk.
Julissa - France
Beautiful fragrance, a clean and comforting scent. Very addictive, worth the price
Kevan - United States
Rose, Rose, Rose. A beautiful, powdery, citrusy-clean rose scent. On the sweeter side and not dry like the other traditional rose perfumes of this house. I know there are other notes on the description, but Taif rose dominates. Starts off strong and feminine, but as it develops and mixes with the other notes, it calms down and I think this could easily work on a confident man. A clean, soapy, rosy musk that is calming and enjoyable. It also mixes well with other oils, so if you have multiple AKAF perfumes, this can add a wonderful extra dimension to them.
Mike - Miami
Pure elegance. Subtle, yet stunning. I wore this on my wedding day.