Sundus is a gorgeous oriental fragrance. Its warm and sweet notes will carry you away to the land of a thousand and one nights. Sundus is beautifully balanced between rose and honey notes around a delicate white musk to offer a powerful longevity and a moderate sillage. This perfume is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.


Damascus rose
Sweet amber
Jasmine from Tunisia
White musk

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Zohair Merchant - Katy,Texas USA 🇺🇸

This is truly a the epitome of how dynamite comes in small boxes! When you first put this enchanting Damask Rose on it comes of very subtle and then just gets more and more unique in the true essence of its exotic properties! Have never ever smelled anything like this, truly a privilege to smell this from our Artisan AKAF🤝🤝

Mustafa - Elche
Emanuele - Roma - Italy

Altra meravigliosa perla da collezione di A.K.A,F., un vero must da avere nella collezione e alla quale non si puo' rinunciare assolutamente


Sundus is Oriental in the classic Occidental sense. It does not have any strong agarwood notes and achieve its exotic scent with notes of citrus, spice, woods, florals and musks. This is very skillfully blended with no one note predominating. Anyone appreciating Shalimar, Opium, Youth Dew, etc. would be very happy with the fragrance. Again, a very modest price for an exceptional scent.

Tamara - Sevilla (Spain)

Love this attar so much! This is beutiful oriental musk, a lot spices +rose+musk. Not too sweet, just perfect blended. Very longlasting (about 12 hours) and whith soft to moderate sillage. Highly recommended. To my taste leans on feminin side, but i guess the men can use it too. Thank you AKAF! I'm in love with your Maison! The quality, the price level and of course the client service are great!

Sara - Tokyo, Japan

A gorgeous honeyed rose fragrance! I find it very addictive - it's so calming and uplifting. It's very long lasting - I smells creamy rose petals even after 12 hours.

DfD - Milan