Warda is a clean powdery fragrance. Rose notes are a classic in the arabian perfumery. Not harsh at all, sweet and well-balanced between fresh and floral notes, this rich and beautiful scent has a rather feminine style.


Warda means rose in arabic.


Rose from Asia
White lotus
Monoi flowers
White musk​​​​​​​


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Nejma - Minnesota

This scent is very rich and beautiful, it really does smell very Arabian scent but it is still very wearable if you live in the west. highly recommend it.

Molly Smith - Germany

I received Warda as a free sample with my order. What can I say - AKAF was very right in guessing that I might like it! I love it. It is a very well-rounded, well-balanced rose, slightly sweet, slightly powdery, without any harsh or unpleasant notes. A very elegant, comforting, non-offensive scent. One of the best roses I've ever smelled.

Alycia -
@Abu_Hafs_Hanif - London

The Al Faransi house without a doubt work hard to craft such wonders. I've tried a few of the Musks and Ouds by this house, MUSK WARDA No.3 being my latest Musk and I am very pleased with it.

Light and floral, powdery as it says...clean, long lasting. For Summer this will do just fine in the heat as it bounces of you subtly.

Kelly - Chicago

Heavenly, clean smelling rose based attar. Very fresh, and almost soapy. Beautiful!