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We love red cherries and sweet apples,
and we must admit that we all love candy.
The graceful, beautiful perfume Wasima
shows off its fragrance,
with a bunch of cherries combined with sweet apples,
followed by a hint of cinnamon and light scented musk.

This delicious perfume has a rather feminine scent.


Sweet Apple
Sweet cinnamon
Candy notes
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Abdullah Almani -
Very very good quality
Shabbir - United Kingdom
This is a skin scent on me as the sillage doesn't seem to be very strong, but it is still a very pleasant and clean smell. It sweetness is also mild and not too strong, and whether this is a positive or not is up to the preference of the wearer. Some would describe the smell to be akin to bubblegum, and everyone who I have presented this to has liked it.
JPaulo - Coimbra, Portugal
Offered to my daughter as a gift. What a wonderful concoction of cherry and cinnamon! Sophisticated and naife at the same time, she loved it. Projection and sillage in the early hours is strong with a great longevity. The presentation is top-notch!
Darkbeat - Spain
I am a man and I like this perfume, it is an acid cherry caramel, delicious and pleasant, an aroma to enjoy in warm weather. Despite being indicated for women, I'll dress it equally, maybe the acidity and the apple make it, for my nose, not too feminine. Very good gourmand perfume.